What Type Of Learner Are You?

We all know people have different characteristics, some are more outgoing, others are more introverted or shy. When it comes to learning English, there are different learning types that to play. The most common types are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Most people are a mix of different learning styles, but one being usually predominant.

Visual Learners
Visual learners can easily visualize things and use phrases to describe visual images. They prefer being taught with the help of images, pictures, graphs, charts, maps and diagrams with verbal explanations. Overall, almost all people are visual learners.

Auditory Learners
Auditory learners are natural listeners and like to have information explained to them verbally rather than having to read it. They learn by listening and verbalizing.  Often auditory learners tend to listen carefully to teachers explaining a certain topic and are able to take in a lot of information. Auditory learners, compared to the visual learners, would rather listen to an audio book rather reading an actual book.

Kinesthetic Learners
Kinesthetic learners use all their senses to engage in learning by experiencing and solving real-life problems, rather than listening or watching demonstrations. They like hands-on approaches in doing things and learn through trial and error. In English lessons, activities such as brainstorming or using realia, roleplays or giving an presentation ensures involvement of the learners.

Your learning styles have more influence than you may realize. Your preferred styles guide the way you learn. Being aware what your predominant learning style is and adapting your learning technique accordingly, will not only make you are more efficient English learner, but also makes English a more fun and exciting experience.

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